Dr Vishnu Karki: improving education in Micronesia

As a PACTAM2 adviser to the National Department of Education in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), Dr Vishnu Karki provides technical assistance to senior management and advises on strategies and policies to improve education throughout the country.

Originally from Nepal, Dr Karki has more than 30 years’ experience working across a range of development activities in the education sector, including program and policy development, capacity development, governance, evaluation and assessment, and education sector reform.

He holds a Doctor of Education in Education Administration and Policy Studies from the George Washington University in the USA as well as two masters’ degrees – one in urban planning from Hong Kong University and another in geography from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

In his role as Education Adviser, Dr Karki supports the implementation of the Asian Development Bank and DFAT-funded program Improving Quality Basic Education (IQBE). He also supports the mobilisation of the Global Partnership for Education grant and overall capacity building of the Department of Education.

Some of the highlights of his role include supporting the development of a new school accreditation policy, developing an Education Management Information System, which has recently been rolled out in all four states of FSM, and reviewing a teacher certification program to help improve teaching standards.

Dr Karki believes that PACTAM2, in providing long-term technical assistance, has far-reaching impacts throughout the FSM. He has worked collaboratively with his counterparts to provide technical assistance in a wide range of educational areas, to make improvements to the education system in the country.

He says adapting to the work culture and pace of work is very important. “To make things happen, we must follow the culture. It takes time but eventually change will happen.”

Taking part in the PACTAM2 program has also benefited him professionally and personally.

“The opportunity to work in the FSM is a great benefit to enhance my professional expertise in the Pacific region,” he says.